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Climbing and pruning

Tree Pruning

Trees can be pruned for a variety of reasons, both functional and aesthetic. Trees can be thinned to allow light to pass through them, or to reduce weight and control growth. Pruning can also remove dead wood and hanging branches. Trees can also be reduced and have problematic sections removed. Often in urban situations trees need to be pruned to clear them from buildings, sidewalks, wires, lights or other trees. We are also experienced at fine pruning, and can prune large and small trees, and shrubs to achieve the look that you want.

Climbing and pruning Climbing and pruning Suspending branch
Urban tree removal

Tree Removal

Whether it be from disease, decay, or some other defect trees sometimes need to be removed. We work hard to save any tree we can, but in cases where the tree could be dangerous to people or property we recommend removal. When the site allows it we like to work with clients to manage a tree's decline over the end of its life. In other cases, a tree in decline should be removed sooner since allowing it to continue to decay will only increase the cost and hazards of eventual removal.

We specialize in take downs of trees in tight spaces, and will ensure that nothing is damaged and the site is the same when we leave as it was when we found it.

Urban tree removal Urban tree removal Urban tree removal


Tree Tech was founded by Philadelphia native Elias Schewel to provide affordable expert tree pruning and removal services for clients in west Philadelphia. Our is outside of the neighborhood a few blocks from the old taste cake factory, but our office is in West Philly. We are focused on providing tree care services in our own neighborhood. We are your local arborists caring for the urban forest west of the Schuylkill River. Call us for a quick estimate, local tree emergencies and efficient, careful service.

Tree climbing rope


We are committed to building an environmentally sustainable company. Whenever they are willing we work with our clients to preserve living trees. If the tree isn't hazardous, we will usually recommend pruning or cabling trees to fix problems that may arise, instead of tree removal. This preserves the urban tree canopy, and often saves our clients money.

Urban tree pruning


Rooted in our community, we find local uses for all of the wood chips and tree debris that our work produces. Our wood chips go to Bennett Compost where it is mixed with household food waste, or chips go to neighborhood gardens and farms. Larger chunks of wood we produce are turned in Germantown at Two Trees Woodworking. When a tree has grown straight, and the site allows it to be felled in one piece, we work with Craftwork Design to transport the log and have it milled in Manayunk. Then this lumber can be built into custom carpentry at their shop in East Kensington.